Month: December 2013

On the subject of our previous post…

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East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, working in conjunction with Kohl’s department store, handed out free helmets to kids.   Check out the story here.


During this time of giving, give the gift of safety…

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There’s no denying bicycles make fantastic gifts for children.  If you decide to present the special child in your life with a bicycle, please take a look at this article from The Vindicator (sounds like a vigilante superhero, doesn’t it?) and make sure to give them a great helmet as well.

Researcher wants to compare Colorado cycling injuries to those in Portland

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There’s a pretty interesting story out of Colorado that involves both Portland, cycling and helmets.

The University of Colorado Health recently released a study that documented the fact that from 2006-2012, there was an 80 percent spike in cyclists who were treated for injuries in Larimer County hospitals.

According to the story at, 30 percent of the people brought into the hospitals during that span were wearing a helmet. An even worse number is that of the nine deaths in that six-year span, six people who died were not wearing helmets.

How does this all relate to Portland? Well, the Colorado cities of Fort Collins and Boulder, along with Davis, Calif., and Portland are ranked at a platinum level for being bike-friendly. Dr. Terri Marty, who was behind the study, wants to compare her findings with the other three platinum-level cities.

Got an extra grand lying around? Check out Gucci’s cool dome!!

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This hip helm by Gucci has been around a little while, but it would be remiss of us if we didn’t give it a little love.  We especially dig the addition of the visor/blast shield.  Hopefully it provides better visibility than Luke Skywalker’s did…

Check it out here.