On the subject of our previous post…

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East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, working in conjunction with Kohl’s department store, handed out free helmets to kids.   Check out the story here.


During this time of giving, give the gift of safety…

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There’s no denying bicycles make fantastic gifts for children.  If you decide to present the special child in your life with a bicycle, please take a look at this article from The Vindicator (sounds like a vigilante superhero, doesn’t it?) and make sure to give them a great helmet as well.

This just in … Helmets actually work!

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It might seem shocking to some, but there is a very vocal crowd who passionately believe that helmets don’t prevent head injuries.  In fact, some even go so far as to say that they increase their likelihood because drivers give helmeted cyclists more “space.” Others argue that a helmet makes it more likely that you’ll whack your head on a branch or a side view mirror because it makes your head larger.

If these arguments sound a little ridiculous, that’s because they are. The website Bicycle Helmet Myths and Facts does a fantastic job of aggregating these myths and then showing how faulty their logic is. Check it out here.

Where can you get a bike helmet on the cheap?

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what_no_money__by_flypiityflopt-d5egz1nThe Bicycle Warehouse has a pretty robust selection of helmets that run from the super-affordable Bell Faction ($9.99) to the ultra-sleek and protective Bell Sweep.


Don’t act like you don’t love helmet hair

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Photo courtesy of www.fitzroyrevolution.com.au
Photo courtesy of http://www.fitzroyrevolution.com.au

Concerned about your coiffure? Check out this post by Rachel on how to avoid helmet hair.


Don’t sweat it — this bike helmet is safe

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Drawing inspiration from the corrugated cartilage structure of a woodpecker’s skull, this helmet is 15 percent lighter than your average helmet and can withstand triple the amount of impact. What’s more, it’s even waterproof and sweatproof!


For all of you DIYers out there, this helmet’s for you

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Customize your helmet and get your sewing jones on at the same time. It’s the Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cup of cycling and sewing!